Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Loch Earn An Inland Loch..Can It Really Be Tidal???

Scotland’s varied terrain is greatly enhanced by rivers lochs and glens and the Highlands continue to show the effects of glaciation, which has shaped the landscape and provided such a variety of scenery.

The lochs of Scotland provided much needed communication links before the advent of the railway and motor car and both the tidal and non tidal Lochs served this purpose well.

Perhaps best know among Scotland’s Lochs are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness, the latter with its famous monster and the “bonnie banks” of both attracting many visitors.

Tidal lochs such as Loch Etive near Oban demonstrate the power of the sea which is best seen at the Connell Bridge where low tide presents a water fall “The Falls of Laura” as the water of the Loch rush out to sea at low tide. Less well known and somewhat surprising is the tidal nature of Loch Earn, an inland Loch in the heart of Scotland, which is one of only two Scottish Lochs to demonstrate this seiching or tidal effect. (The other Scottish Loch known to have this effect is Loch Treig to the east of Fort William). Probably the best known example of seiching in Europe is Lake Geneva.

The forces that cause this tidal effect are the wind acting on the surface of the east west orientated Loch and thermal stratification. In addition to being a central accommodation base for exploring the rest of Scotland, anyone who visits Loch Earn can enjoy the added attraction of witnessing “seiching” first hand.

Holiday accommodation in Perthshire can be found on the LETI community web site including the four villages around Loch Earn. One example of Perthshire holiday cottages in Scotland is Riverside Cabins set on the banks of the River Earn. Another holiday house that offers clear views of Loch Earn is Earnknowe.

Take a trip to Loch Earn and see if you can observe this tidal effect for yourself.

LETI: Jim Bradley runs two self catering holiday businesses; Riverside Log Cabins in St Fillans (6 cabins sleep up to 6 in 3 bedrooms) and Killin Highland Lodges on a wooded hillside in Killin (11 lodges sleep between 1-8 in 1-4 bedrooms). Jim also makes time to chair the LETI website group.


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