Saturday, 17 August 2013

People Reflecting Waves in The Four Seasons Hotel Beach Garden Loch Earn

Have you driven past The Four Seasons Hotel and lodges in St Fillans lately thinking that you have seen ghostly men and women in the water?  

Standing Figure by Rob Mulholland at The Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans

The Four Seasons by Rob Mulholland

Residents and guests will know that  they are sculptures standing in the water in front of the hotel's garden and jetty on Loch Earn.  

You could stare at them for hours.

The mirrored figures reflect Loch Earn whether calm or with waves.  All you see is the  outline of a standing figure. 

The sculptures are called "The Four Seasons" by Rob Mulholland, an installation artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1986 and is now acclaimed internationally. 

"This installation 'The Four Seasons', particularly with the pier, suggests a mood of anticipation, as if the figures are awaiting the return of others sent on a distant passage. It refers to a sense of homecoming, returning and re-connecting to our ancestral roots. The title also refers to the passing of time and natural cycle of the seasons, which are physically and metaphorically reflected in the figures."

See more of his impressive pieces and commissions here Rob Mulholland  or drive along the picturesque A85 at the east end of Loch Earn to see these examples for yourself. Stay at The Four Seasons Hotel and you can take a much closer look,  relax by the water, watch the sun set, fish from the jetty or launch a small boat and kayak