Sunday, 27 July 2014

Experienced Chef Returns to Head The Four Seasons Hotel Team - St Fillans

David Errington -Head Chef At The Four Seasons

We are pleased to introduce our ‘new’ Head Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel St Fillans.  David Errington has worked with owner Andrew on various occasions as a temp chef, and eventually took up the post of Head Chef in 2003 and worked for two seasons. Since then, he has gained experience in various establishments in Exmoor, Somerset, Ireland and eventually back to sunny Scotland where he worked for three years in Kenmore, before returning again to the Four Seasons Hotel in June.

Here are some questions put to David on his return:-

  1. Why did you come back to the Four Seasons?
It is a great hotel in a great location and I am really happy to be staying in the Breadalbane area, where I have made so many friends over the past few years.  I am lucky to be able to do what I love in such a fantastic area.

  1. What inspires you / your cooking style?
I am influenced by nature, the abundance of fresh, natural produce available locally, and our outstanding landscape.  My cooking style is inspired by French Provincial produce, people who love producing, harvesting and cooking good quality ingredients, whether in this area or further afield.

  1. Where would you like to dine locally and why?
I would like to eat at one (or all) of the Mhor Restaurants.  Incredibly, I have not eaten at any, although I have  bought from Mhor Bread and Mhor Fish.  Clearly, the Mhor brand is a great success story locally!  So what am I waiting for?

  1. What would be your choice for your ‘last meal’ and who would you invite to dine with you?
My ‘last meal’ would be
Steak Tartare,
‘Baveus’ Omelette Arnold Bennet,
Isles Flotante. 
I would invite Marco Pierre White and Edwina Curry to dine with me J

"STILL" mirrored man sculpture beside The Four Seasons Jetty
 in the Garden on Loch Earn, St Fillans
by Lochearnhead photographer Melanie Lewis